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Hosting Price List:
  Virtual Server
  Server Add-Ons
  Large Virtual Server
  Second Virtual Server
  Web Directory
  Email Services

Who's hosted here

Web Directory: $10/month

For very simple web sites that do not require their own name. We will put you under Includes

Your own name    No
FTP access   Yes
Disk space   25 Megabytes
Bandwidth limits   None*
Email   1 POP mailbox
Web site statistics   Computed nightly
CGI scripts   May install your own CGI scripts in perl
PHP scripting   Yes
Real Media support   Optional
Secure server   May use at no additional cost

We do not impose any arbitrary bandwidth limits. However, if your usage exceeds what can be accommodated on a shared server (approximately 2 Gigabytes per day), we will discuss moving your site to a dedicated server at a higher cost. Note that only a very small fraction of sites use this much bandwidth.


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