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Who's hosted here

Custom Mail Merge: $0.05/recipient, $100 minimum

We will fill in names, addresses, coupon codes, etc. into a form letter which may contain formatted text and/or file enclosures. This can be emailed quickly to a large number of recipients, including tracking of failed deliveries and successful responses. Note that we will not send spam; your recipient list must be a legitimate customer list.

Majordomo Lists: from $10/month

Majordomo is a software package which manages mailing lists. These lists
can be for open discussion, or for messages only from the moderator.
Subscriptions may be open to the public, or require moderator approval.
Priced by expected number of deliveries per month (number of subscribers
times number of messages) at $0.002/delivery, rounded up to the next
multiple of $10. We can also automatically archive email discussions into your web site hosted here at ActWin.

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