My Last Briefing at MITRE - Written but not Presented

September 25, 2004

I cleaned out my study, threw away a lot of stuff.  Included was my old battered briefcase.  But it had this briefing in it, and I decided I had to preserve it.

When MITRE lost the contract to support Goddard Space Flight Center in 1996, I went to work for a little company known as Systems Engineering and Security (SES).  I basically took the project I had been working on at MITRE with me.  It involved standards work.  The first task at SES was to go to a meeting in Chicago to discuss a standard for the description of a format for storing information on tape. I never got to give the following briefing at MITRE, but I slipped it into the standards meeting. The group was chaired by Fernando Podio, who, in his very methodical way, very nearly made 50 copies and assigned it a document number.  The briefing at that time had the MITRE logo on it, and Fernando blamed it on the MITRE representative there, who had absolutely no sense of humor.  I had to own up to it.