Feeling Alone in a Dangerous Place?  There is Lots of Help from the Fasttrack Community and Elsewhere


Fasttrack - The data is accurate and clean.


Trade (Now hidden away on the Fasttrack site)

Dex French's Web Page - Many Trade Files

GOTDATA:  Download and extract Gotdata2005 first, and then download and extract the other file.  Put in a folder on the same drive as FT.  This program allows you to add stocks to the FT database by creating .fnu files.  These files are just text files that Fasttrack can read and interpret just like the other stock files in the Fasttrack database.  

Technical Analysis Education

Glossary of Terms - I know nothing about the rest of the site.

Stock Charts on Technical Analysis and Indicator Analysis  Highly Recommended

Fund Information

Yahoo Financial

Microsoft Investor Mutual Funds Research

ETF Connect - Extensive site about ETFs and Closed-End Funds

FT Monitor - Good source for Fasttrack and Other Software

Market Timing Sites

TimingCube - A two-state model (long, short) for timing the indices.  Recent performance (2006 - early 2007) has been questionable.

Message Boards, Subscription Web Sites, Money Managers, and E-mail Groups

Bryan Johnson's Site, Moon Run Report.  Timing Signals, model portfolios, and generally good stuff.  Free.

John Mauldin's Frontline Thoughts - Free Weekly Newsletter - Always Cogent Analysis

The RealTime Trader - Russell Mascieri.  Pay site for active traders.  He looks for potential breakouts, and uses buy stops as well as fairly close sell stops when he takes a position.  Excellent record.

Stock Owl - A Financial Planner, and Check out the "Life Resources" for Some Good Links

Fundbuster - Stock Market Timing for Low Risk Investing. Mutual fund and ETF timing systems for aggressive and conservative investors.

Dave Serbin - Money management based on market timing and fund selection.  Web site coming soon (7/12/2007)

Mutual Fund Trading - Subscription site for timing and trading mutual funds.  Definitely worth the money, particularly if you lack experience.

Invest-N-Best - Pay Site, with Good Free Stuff as Well) for Jim Battaglia's Timing and Selection Strategies

INVESTools - Stock Trading for Dummies.  All you have to know is green is good, red is rotten, and there should be more green than red.

Trend Macrolytics - Pay Site for Market Timing and General Market Commentary

Charles Richards and the Headsup Module.  Now a Subscription Site, with additional content from Jeff Walker.

Fundvision Message Board (Most of these people really understand things; others are eager to learn) Free.

Motley Fool Boards - Now Free.  Most of the boards are filled with militant LTBH types, and so totally useless for finding ways of making money.  Some that deal with trading stocks are Mishedlo's and Rat's, and these guys know what they are doing.  I do find some of the boards amusing.  Besides, every now and then I can actually help somebody.

FT Forum - This site also now charges. It is worth every penny and more.  This site is where the really good Fasttrack people discuss market timing and stock and mutual fund selection. This is not a very active board, but if you look at back posts, you will find a lot of useful information.

 Still Confused? Try Here, or There, or Surf the Ring

Bored?  Is the market not exciting enough?  Try some base jumping.  Just download and save to your machine.

Like a puzzle?  Why were these machines constructed?

Need Spiritual Guidance? Try Here. Just Remember - Betty Bowers is a Better Christian than You! You will see that if you take the Quiz.

Want to know about flesh-eating robots, or the Afghan goat-slinging national sport, Buzkashi, or other things that might keep you awake at night? Check in at my buddy Seanbaby.

Feeling that you have made a bunch of mistakes?  Cheer up, since if you are reading this, you have not qualified for a Darwin Award.

Want some jokes to tell?  Try here.

Not a good cook?  Perhaps some of your creations will find a spot in the Burnt Food Museum.

Want to travel the world and find adventure?  Maybe you can join the WildBoyz, dress up like a zebra, and mingle with the lions.

Check out this guy - he has made a career of not working.

Want to see some really bad websites?  Want to recommend one?  Try the Worst of the Web, revived since Mirsky gave up on the project.

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