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Examples of Our Designs

These are some actual web sites that show what we can do. Some of our personal favorites are no longer online as dot-coms come and go, but these are a good sampling.


McCormack and Epstein

This law firm has offices in a prominent building in the Boston skyline and wanted to use this familiar landmark in their site.


Harvard Journal of Law & Technology

For the online home of this print journal we needed a clean design which was distinct for the Journal, yet ties to the School and University. The design is allowed to take over the window as the online content is minimal; the site is to promote rather than compete with the printed version.



This online training site uses whimsical figures to keep reader's interest while saving room to present a lot of information. Distinctive buttons make it clear how to use the interactive features of the site.


Motiva Enterprises Real Estate Properties

The challenge here was to present two well known brands with a lot of pictures of properties at varying quality. A simple bold design accomplishes this.


Examples of Our Programming

These sites are exemplary of the back-end programming that we do.



This online training site tracks students' progress through courses and the results of their online self-tests. It also features a multi-step online registration, bulletin boards and interactive chat–all mediated through login accounts.


Coldwell Banker Landmarks Real Estate

This site allows searching through hundreds of rental and sale properties. There is a rich set of search options. Users may create an account to save searches and favorite properties. Real estate agents may track availability of rentals and generate leases directly through the website.



This site features online income tax preparation. The site creates accounts, conducts a tax interview, and assigns customers to accountants. It handles credit card billing and tracking the tax return all the way through IRS e-filing.


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