Active Window Productions, Inc.

Active Window Productions, Inc.

Active Window Productions is celebrating its eighth year, and in this industry that makes us old-timers. We began as a company that defied simple description. Before the Web became as popular as it is today, we'd tell people our firm would be best described as somewhere between an advertising/PR agency, an information provider, and an electronic artists' workshop and playroom.

In 1994, Active Window Productions refined its mission: to increase awareness of the educational and entertainment resources of the Internet, to assist people in becoming active citizens in the "electronic global village," and to provide free, commercially-sponsored information services via the World-Wide Web.

Now, the Internet is recognized as a powerful communications tool that can be easily used, and easily misused. Our mission hasn't changed though. We're still helping to channel the information of the Internet through well-constructed gateways, enhancing accessibility and "information power", rather than drowning users in a sea of useless information, poorly designed interfaces, and a glut of on-line advertising and service fees. And we're still having fun doing it.

Active Window Productions' services include:

If you like what you see on our Web pages, consider helping us to expand our services. We're always on the lookout for new information sources and new forms of entertainment for the web, so if you have something you'd like to publish, or know of something that should be in our archives, contact us. If you know of a non-profit organization that would benefit from a listing on our pages, let us know how to get in touch with them. Finally, if you know of a company that would benefit from advertising on our pages, encourage them to sponsor part of an archive, so that we can continue to expand and improve our services.

We are most easily reached via e-mail at, but we are also reachable by phone at 617-497-0088.

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