Information for Do-It-Yourself Web Clients

So you've got your account, now what? The first thing to do is to learn HTML if you do not know it already. There are many resources on the net for this. But there is some information specific to our site that you will need. This should all be covered below. If your question is not answered here, let us know at

Basic Information

Your pages are running under the apache server, version 2.0.47 on a multiprocessor pentium system running linux (Red Hat 9).

Advanced Features


We generate individual statistics pages for each client renting web space. These are updated nightly. For those with regular accounts on, the stats are stored as webstats.html in your directory, and contain:If you have a virtual server, you will find a /usage directory on your site. This contains pages showing long term trends in your usage, as well as a file webstats.html with the information described above.

A summary of your usage will be emailed to you once each month.

Further Help

There are many resources available on the net. If you have problems or questions specific to our server, email them to or call us at (617) 497-0088. We will try to help with simple problems. However, for graphic design and script debugging, our standard rate is $125/hour.

We have package deals available for the creation and maintenance of web pages. Contact for more information.

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